Vienna – A beautiful city on the Danube

Vienna was the first stop of our summer trip to Italy. It’s ashamed to admit, almost next door, and we have not yet had the opportunity to visit what some say, the most beautiful city in Europe. Therefore, to wash away our offenses, we decided to stay at least one day in it. We liked the idea of ​​visiting the capital of Austria not only because of catching up, but also thinking about the Viennese cake, which if you eat – it’s only in Vienna.

Visiting Vienna in one day? A simple art, after all 80% of the monuments are located within the old town – so we thought while planning it still at home. We quickly changed our mind when we were there and we suspect that even a whole week would not be enough. Vienna is a city so rich architecturally and culturally that to see even the most important of its attractions, you really have to spend a lot of time in it, or have a better condition than ours. After one quite intense day, we only dreamed of a cold beer and something comfortable, on which you can set up your four letters with outstretched, sore legs.

It was worth it! I recommend to everyone!

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