Wrak Race Biała Podlaska 2018 (Poland)

For the first time in my life I was at a great party !!! It did not smell like a commercial party. It was great!

Family atmosphere.

A unique spectacle for motoring fans. A large dose of adrenaline and an amazing experience – a race wreck in a pure form.

On Sunday (24 June) on the Race Track in Biała Podlaska, the Second Round Wreck Race took place. You could watch the drivers struggle on the road and eat something from the grill.

Fun fun. Emotions are amazing, at least in the middle. If someone has more cash, you can make an armored car. You can also buy a car, do not modify it.

The weather was good. This is an event that attracts a lot of people. Within 15 minutes you have to make as many laps as possible.




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