Passo Dello Stelvio on a motorcycle – a dream

To enter the Passo Dello Stelvio on a motorcycle is undoubtedly the dream of many motorcyclists. No wonder, because from the Bormio side are 82 bends, which often lead to faster heartbeat. Stelvio is a real motorcycle Mecca and although some of you probably think that overrated and commercial, it is incredibly beautiful. Well, I must admit that the pass itself in the season turns into a fair market, which can sting slightly in the eyes, but where it is nice – there will always be people who want to admire the beauty. This year, we decided to stay longer, to enjoy the views, see the sunrise and sunset (with this sunset was hard), enter Livrio. Just be, feel, and not just get in and out, because you can see and do much more than it seems.

Sunrise at Passo dello Stelvio
In principle, it is impossible to describe what we have seen with words. Sunrise on Stelvio is an AMAZING experience! It’s really worth breaking out at dawn, to experience it on your own skin, to see it with your own eyes. Certainly we do not recommend entering the pass at night to reach the east. In the morning, the valleys and lower parts of the mountains are usually drowned in fog, and the road is wet and therefore even more dangerous. If you want to witness the sunrise on Stelvio, you should book your accommodation in one of the hotels on the pass. We recommend, despite the fact that the hotel’s modern design does not knock down, it captivates with the atmosphere, the evening fireplace and the restaurant with great service and delicious food.

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