Red Bull 111 Megawatt 2018

It was a really amazing weekend!
On the weekend I managed to do over 1000 km!
I was at a wedding at Cerki and the next day I went to the other end of Poland on Red Bull 11 Megawatt 2018!

It was a real celebration of motoring fans, especially enduro motorcycles. Several thousand fans cheered on the steep slopes of the Bełchatów mine of motorcyclists, who competed in the next installment of the Red Bull 111 Megawatt race, which took place at the Bełchatów mine. Even the ubiquitous dust and sand as well as the scorching sun did not bother fans who had a great time.

At the start of the race there were nearly a thousand participants who had to overcome a demanding track full of prepared obstacles, both natural and those prepared by the organizers.

A few photos from the race:



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