The Suzuki GS 500 F is a good motorcycle

Suzuki Gs500, a motorcycle that almost everybody on the two-wheelers knows. This vehicle has been produced continuously for many years. He has already received several stylistic versions. In the recent period, Suzuki released the F model of this motorcycle.

From the old GS it differs above all from the new external appearance. Typically, the naked bike F-ka became a motorcycle with a sporting edge. Added fairing and several other details. The motorcycle makes a good impression at first glance. The design does not differ from the current trends that are popular at this time. The front light gives the vehicle the unique appearance of the mantis that is waiting in hiding for the sacrifice.

It’s safe to say that lighting even at high speeds does not disappoint. They are strong enough to provide adequate visibility. The front fairing is well contoured for a comfortable ride.

When driving on rainy days, we do not feel discomfort and our legs are not constantly covered with water. The layout of the switches on the steering wheel is very ergonomic.

At a speed of 150 km / h, mirror vibrations are really big and make correct assessment of the situation difficult. The seat is covered with a material that ensures comfortable driving. It is not broad but it is quite long.

Brakes are undoubtedly one of the advantages of the new GS. They work very efficiently and effectively. In a few situations they ensured effective avoidance of a potentially dangerous situation. During hard braking, the motorcycle does not snap. It holds the braking path correctly.

It is certainly an initiative worth recommending to other companies. The Suzuki GS500F engine is not a young design, but it is certainly a proven one. Gears are coming in exactly. There are no problems with the work of the transmission.

In summary, the Suzuki GS500F is a two-wheeler model ideal for those who are starting their adventure with motorcycles. It is a great offer of this type when it comes to the price offer. Has the right power for a beginner. Nevertheless, also experienced riders will find much pleasure in taming the GS.

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