Romania – return to tourist reality

With Adrian, we managed to fly straight to Romania from the place where Weng left us. We were traveling by bus with a nice Mysterious Muslim who was good at English (he ran a hotel with his wife in Romania). He asked several times if I would like to sit behind the wheel – of course I was happy with it! After these conversations, he continued all the time, and in the end I didn’t know if he really meant it, because when I remembered he only sniffed himself with his finger.

 Romania turned out to be a very touristic place, which was some cold water after getting to know the real Thailand.

In the morning we were glad that the arrival of the tent did not take us (here you can observe this phenomenon very well, the water changes its position significantly even within a few minutes). At 8 am we had the “Malp entrance” to the place where we pitched the tent, which caused serious problems with packing things and the tent itself.

At the moment I greet you from a cafe in Romania, we immediately set off on the road straight to Malaysia. I will also try to upload some photos, so far I have no such opportunity.

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