Gift ideas for a motorcyclist or fan of motorcycles

Holidays at my belt, which is why I was inspired by an entry dedicated to presents for motorcyclists and motorcycle fans. It is a help for those who have to buy a gift for a motomaniac and they do not have much idea for it.
Below are a few ideas for gifts at various price caps. These are not very festive proposals, so these ideas will work for any occasion.
The list will be updated as soon as new ideas appear.
DVD movies or illustrated books / albums
A good movie or a good book in my opinion is always a good idea – unless you’re dealing with someone who does not like watching movies, or even browsing illustrated albums. However, it seems to me that these are a few exceptions, especially when it comes to films.
There are probably a lot of interesting motorcycle-related productions, but I can recommend only those films that I have seen myself:
“The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005)
The World’s Fastest IndianFilm based on facts and telling the story of Burt Munro – a New Zealander, who in a rather aged age set himself the goal to realize the dream of taking part in races in the salt desert of Bonneville in the USA and breaking the speed record with his Indians. The film shows extraordinary passion and determination in the pursuit of dreams, despite adversity.
“Fastest” (2011)
FastestFilm with a slightly different barrel – a full-length documentary about MotoGP races and the struggles and rivalry of such players as, among others: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa.

Practical motorcycle accessories
Tire pressure gauge
A device that will undoubtedly be useful to any motorcyclist. Correct tire pressure affects, among others for motorcycle grip, safety, tire wear and durability. That is why it is worth checking the tire pressure from time to time. The prices of electronic meters start at around PLN 40.
Anti-theft lock
There are several options to choose from, the most popular are:

  • chain with a padlock,
  • U-lock type fastening,
  • disc lock (DiscLock).

The most important thing is to make sure that the chosen gift will please the recipient. For this purpose, an environmental interview may be carried out a little earlier.

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