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Różan fortress

Różan Fortress – a complex of fortifications erected by Russia in the city of Różan in the first years of the 20th century.

The fortifications were built to secure the Narew crossing. The fortress consisted of three forts forming a ring around the city and two earth redoubts in the immediate vicinity of the bridge, acting as an intranet and an artillery battery, collectively called Fort IV. The forts have survived in different states to this day.

The construction of the fortress began in 1902 with the erection of the so-called redoubts fort IV. Concrete fortifications of forts I-III were built in 1905-1910. Forts I and II have a triangle outline, fort III was built on a trapezoidal plan. All forts have identical neck barracks with a caponier and a free-standing well enclosed by a shelter. Forts I and II were equipped with a leading caponier, fort III has a full counter-escarpment with two caponiers.

During World War I, the fortress in Różan was attacked by German troops from July 22, 1915. Despite artillery support, the fortifications were not conquered or damaged. The Russians withdrew on the night of July 23-24 due to the fact that German troops crossed Narew in another section.

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