Product Experts Berlin Meetup 2019

One of the most important events for Product Experts (PE) that were organized in 2019 was Google Product Experts Meetup 2019 in Berlin. It took place on the weekend of 22-23 October and I must say that these were two intensive days of work with the most innovative Google products. Both panel experts and participants were not random people, and the issues raised in discussion panels explained the latest changes in algorithms and mechanisms.

Participation in the conference and the Google program itself is for technology specialists the opportunity to experience many new things: access to direct communication with Google’s substantive experts, participation in closed projects and mentoring.

Getting to the point – at the conference I learned about many news from AdSense.

Not only knowledge but also practice was the strength of the expert meeting. I participated in the “Entrepreneurial Thinking & Working” classes, where I could practice how to improve and improve many processes, not only related to AdSense itself. It was a very developing experience. And what fascinated me the most was the comprehensive sessions about AdSense. Thanks to them I could learn the mechanisms from the inside.

A nice touch I got was a lot of Google gadgets: t-shirts, hats, posters, leashes and mascots. Anyway, see for yourself!

The whole hotel was well prepared. The arrangement has been prepared with attention to every detail. Here, I also prepared some material to watch

The culmination of the two-day conference was a concert of German bands, the Oktoberfest stand, a photo stand from the GDR and many more!

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t venture into the streets of Berlin to see the city. Unfortunately, after the war it wasn’t much, but you can still find some interesting fragments, impressive monuments and government buildings.

This trip was really great. The event was full of inspirational conversations with other Googlers, and sessions with Google employee representatives perfectly prepared. We managed to meet other product experts with whom we can only see the community forum. It was a unique opportunity to get to know AdSense even better, supplement and consult knowledge.

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