Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom in Treblinka

In 2019, I managed to jump out of my friend’s for a short motorcycle trip. Below you will find some nice photos. We visited the museum.

Treblinka Museum. German Nazi death camp and labor camp (1941–1944) – a museum of martyrdom located in the municipality of Kosów Lacki, documenting the history of two German Nazi camps: the Treblinka II extermination center and the Treblinka I labor camp. During the German occupation, there were two camps. The first was a penal labor camp for the Polish and Jewish population, colloquially called Treblinka I. It operated from summer 1941 to the end of July 1944. About 20 thousand went through it. people, of which about 10 thousand died or were murdered [1]. From July 1942 to November 1943, at a distance of about two kilometers from the labor camp, there was an extermination center, which was colloquially called Treblinka II. The Germans exterminated the Jewish population there. According to Jacek A. Młynarczyk, the minimum number of Treblinka II victims should be estimated at 780 863 people.


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