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Motorcycle training

I decided to organize a motorcycle workout like Gymkhan

Gymkhana motorcycle is a motorcycle sports discipline consisting in precise overcoming the fitness track marked by traffic cones, consisting of slalom, rotation and other figures in the shortest possible time and with the fewest errors.

The following are usually considered mistakes: knocking down a bollard, leaning on a leg, overturning the motorcycle and not staying in the finish envelope, punished by adding additional seconds to the ride, and mistaking the route and not correcting the error usually disqualifies the rider. The tracks at each competition are different, they are revealed just before the competition rides, which causes an additional difficulty associated with remembering the route.

Motorcycle gymkhana as a discipline was established in the 70s in Japan and in this country this sport is the most developed. For several years it has been gaining popularity in the USA, Great Britain and Poland. Every year, there are several or several gymkhan events organized nationwide organized by Honda Poland and local events every year.

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The attractiveness of Gymkhana lies, among others on the fact that training is possible without specialized preparation of both the motorcycle and the place, so it is a sport available to amateurs. Training significantly increases the motorcyclist’s skills, and thus – his safety on the road. As the speeds developed on the track do not exceed 25-30km / h, it is an extremely safe sport. Coupons are commonplace, but they don’t result in serious injury.

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