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Hussars in Kuligów – reconstruction of the skirmish

– At the hour of the national trial, which was 1920, police officers turned out to be extremely brave and brave soldiers. Their heroism and patriotism were the quintessence of the police service ethos in the Second Polish Republic – he said during ceremonies commemorating the skirmish between the Hussars of Death and the Bolsheviks in 1920 in Kuligów, Radosław Korzeniewski, and the head of the Dąbrówka commune.

This year’s celebrations commemorating the participation of State Police officers in defense of the homeland in 1920, which have been taking place in Kuligów for several years, were held under the honorary patronage of Joachim Brudzinski – Minister of the Interior and Administration.

Death Hussars – Volunteer Driving Dynasty of the 1st Army, lieutenant Józef Siła-Nowicki, in whose ranks officers of the State Police fought, in August 1920 he supported Serock’s reflection, where he won 5 kaems, 30 horses and took 50 prisoners. Over the next days, the unit detected enemy troops in Kuligów. The policemen, looking forward to meals, decided to deal with the Bolsheviks themselves … This story on the meadows of the Bug River has been reconstructed for several years by reenactors who came from all parts of Poland this year.

However, before the reconstruction itself began, the event was inaugurated by Mass. for the homeland and its defenders in the local parish church. The liturgy setting was, among others, the flagship of the Warsaw Police Headquarters. After the Eucharist, flowers were laid under the obelisk commemorating the participation of policemen in the 1920 war. The ceremony was attended by: Urszula Kulisiewicz – general director of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and Michał Ciechowski director of the Political Cabinet of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, representatives of the Police Headquarters, including Krzysztof Musielak – Director of the Police History and Tradition Office of the Police Headquarters.

– Today, on the 98th anniversary of the battle that saved Poland and Europe from the red plague, on the hundredth anniversary of independence, I wish all policemen to be accompanied in the most difficult moments of service by the ethos of the Hussars of Death – said the head of the commune of Dąbrówka, Radosław Korzeniewski during the ceremony.

The staging took place on the banks of the river, as well as in its current. A large number of reconstructors, horse riding, dynamic action, extremely vivid narrative and background music aroused general admiration. The viewers awarded the whole with thunderous applause.

– It was the best reconstruction I have seen so far – said teenage Mateusz, a student from one of Warsaw’s high schools. – My friends at school asked me: “Are you from THIS Sleigh ride?” Our town is becoming more and more famous in Poland – said the high school student proudly.

It is worth emphasizing that the local community was also involved in the preparation of the event. The scenery for reconstruction was made by one of the best local carpenters – the village mayor of the Kuligów village, Wiktor Oleśkiewicz.
In addition to the reconstruction, the organizers have prepared a number of accompanying attractions. A very spectacular aerial landing show from the Bureau of Anti-Terrorist Operations was awarded with ovations. And although the landing helicopter has raised clouds of dust, viewers watched the action to the end with great interest.

The police dog training show was also particularly popular. In addition, there was also a show of specialized river police equipment, police cars, a first aid demonstration point and the position of the Police History and Tradition Office of the Police Headquarters. A large queue has been set up for the car rollover simulator. Everyone wanted to check what it was like …

– The number of event participants this year definitely exceeded our expectations – says Anna Maniecka, director of the Commune Culture Center in Dąbrówka, one of the organizers of the event. – We are very happy that the ceremony is more popular every year, and that the town of Kuligów and the commune of Dąbrówka are becoming more and more recognizable in Poland.

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