Forest for the Perverted – Nowe Czarnowo

I will tell you it was nice to feel the power between your legs again. The motorcycle, moreover. But, no jokes. I chose the route delicate. A piece of bacon, a bit of a piece to blow up mufflers anyway. I took the purpose of the trip from memory, from the drawer Fri “Places for a”. Departure at half past nine because standard Gosia does not know whether to go. It could have been an accident, but she did not know it before. We’re going to Pniewy, Gorzów, later to the side and to Szczecin. Stops differently. We have time, we have weather, we have ourselves, so we are not in a hurry. Moto works great so we’re flying forward. I am a little surprised that, at any rate, the attractive place is almost unmarked, but you can get there on wheels. After shooting pics with freaks, we hit back. This time, straight to the esca and to Skwierzyna, I lightly hurry to shake off the cobwebs from the fenders. Honestly, I was afraid that she would be nervous or discouraged by the moto after being tipped over, but she can also feel a blouse.

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