Beginning of an adventure with a motorcycle

The decision was made – you want to ride a motorcycle. If you do not know where to start and what are the first steps in the adventure with moto – I invite you to read. In the post I focus on an event such as mine, i.e. fittings for a 125 cc motorcycle, without having to make a driving license and take an exam.
Motorcycle clothing and equipment
You can not start any activity on a motorcycle without having the necessary minimum, i.e. a motorcycle helmet. First of all you are obliged by the regulations, secondly – it should also be common sense 🙂 Motorbike helmet is the most important element of motorcyclist’s equipment. When buying a helmet, pay attention to the fact that it has an attestation, properly protected you, tailored to your head, comfortable and to provide the right field of view. For better protection, it is better to choose an integral or closed helmet.
The second thing – motorcycle gloves. In the event of a fall, even harmless, you will certainly appreciate the fact that you have them on your hands.

Learning to ride a motorcycle
Perhaps you have motorcyclist friends who will be able to give you knowledge about riding a motorcycle and who will be able to help you take your first steps in mastering theory and practice (especially practice).
You can also search the internet for tips and guides on how to start learning to ride a motorcycle. On YouTube and other such websites, there are lots of instructional videos. It is true that they can not replace learning with a “living” instructor, but always the more knowledge the better.
Read specialist literature – as a supplement to a motorcycle course, learning under the supervision of a friend or self-directed steps.

Purchase of a motorcycle
You already have a helmet and clothing, the set is missing two wheels. You do not know what type of motorcycle will be suitable for your needs? It is best to get acquainted with information about the types of motorcycles and their destination. Being richer in this knowledge, it will be easier to choose the right equipment.

When buying the first motorcycle, do not spend a great fortune on it. Many people begin to make mistakes and dump trucks – why do you have to overdo it when something fatter happens to a motorcycle? This is to be a motorcycle mainly for learning.

First rides
Once you’ve mastered the basics like starting, changing gears, gas, braking, etc. – it’s time for the first ride. On the first route it is best to choose a less-frequented and easy road, so that you can focus on the technique of driving a motorcycle, instead of stressing the traffic, possible situations on the road or the difficulty of the route. Unfortunately, choosing such a side route you have to take into account the inconveniences such as uneven surface, holes or sand lying on the road. On the first ride, choose a day with good weather conditions, i.e. without a lot of wind or rain.

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